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A multifaceted research group for sensing, modeling, and signal processing, dealing with innovative disciplines, while developing quality human capital and educating the future generation of researchers. The group opens channels to new technologies and leads a pioneering approach to signal sampling while combining theoretical and practical research. The group affects diverse areas of technology, such as communications, radar, medical imaging and optics, and collaborates with top Israeli and global research centers in both the academic and industrial worlds, emphasizing applications that benefit society.

box-demos-picLab Video

Watch this video to better understand the scope of activities which the lab is involved with. This video presents several of the lab projects, equipment used in the lab, undergraduate and graduate student involvement and more. Projects like Sub-Nyquist Cognitive Radio, Radar, and Ultrasound are demonstrated in real time with results shown live on actual equipment. Enjoy! For more demos developed in our lab please see Demo movies